My Story

Who IS this Maria Froese and WHY is SHE THEE Scentsy lady to talk to?

Hey guys!!! I wanted to introduce myself!!
My name guessed it! Maria Froese ;) I have been a Scentsy consultant for SEVEN years!! I can't believe how fast this has flown by!! I LOVE the products and I LOVE sharing the beauty of it!! Not only are the products gorgeous, I LOVE that they provide an exceptional fragrance experience. Whether you choose a warmer with a bulb, a diffuser or a scent pak, they all have the same great qualities!! Delivering an amazing fragrance experience. YES PLEASE!

I discovered Scentsy just over 7 years ago when I went to the States for a church conference and fell in love immediately. Having had a fire in our home from a tea light candle IN our babies room, and starting the venetian blinds on fire...candles were not an option for me anymore. I have always been a super smeller (by that I mean LOVING fragrant things) and my house didn't feel right without scented candles. When I discovered that I could have a great smelling home WITHOUT the fire, BOOM! I was sold!!

What I DIDN'T expect, was that my love for the smelly wax and warmers, would turn into a career for me. A super rewarding, super fun and SUPER passionate "job - if you will" sharing the things I love!!

I am married to Mike (for 20 years in March) have a 19 year old son, Chance, a 20 month old son, Zachary, and a 7 week old little girl, Zoe. Life is crazy...and I LOVE that I can work from my this case from my LIVING ROOM!!! WITH my kids around...
I love laughing.
I love making others laugh.
and I love inspiring and encouraging others.
I also love food...especially popcorn twists