My Story

When I FIRST became a Scentsy Consultant! October 30, 2010, I had tried to order the product from other consultants, who did not answer my emails, return my phone calls, or contact me in any way. So I went on facebook, and found a lady who said "Hey, if you are looking for a consultant in Canada, join my team!" That lady, ended up being my sponsor. Within minutes of me sending her an email, she called me. She was so excited and loved this product so much.  I really had just wanted to order the product, because I was in love! No fire, no soot, no flame...just smell, and PRETTINESS!!!  I didn't think I had what it takes to "sell" the stuff, but I really wanted to buy it myself. Never having been involved in a Direct Selling business, and the only think I knew about home based businesses, was that you could buy TUPPERWARE at a home party  LOL My husband, convinced me otherwise. Sign up, and if it doesn't work out, what did it hurt? It costs you $119 and you get all that stuff! Here I am, three and a half years later, a Director with Scentsy. I didn't believe in myself at first, but Mike did. NOW, I believe in myself. #doubleyay Sometimes, all it takes is for someone to believe in you!  I do! I know that there are MANY different personality types that represent Scentsy (a product that sells itself, it just needs a person to carry it from one place to another, lol), and if you love the product, why not give it a shot!! I would love to be your sponsor. I would LOVE to be the person that believes in you. I would LOVE to help you build your own business, and would love to support you on the journey! Let's talk about it, and let me share my passion, for a company that IS exactly what it SAYS it is! #generous #authentic #simple  Thank YOU for listening to my short story, and always being there to support my business  <!--endbody--> Watch my personal story here: